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Everlasting Large-scale sale Silk New color Flowers Floral Cross - Outdoor LED Solar Light

Everlasting Silk Flowers Floral Cross Solar LED Light - Outdoor


Everlasting Silk Flowers Floral Cross Solar LED Light - Outdoor


Product description

Color:Pink White

bgt;Want a versatile religious decoration for your home and garden?

The cross is a powerful symbol for people of faith. This is why many worshippers hang or mount crosses in their homes, altars, and memorials. If you’re searching for a crucifix that is as stunning as it is meaningful, then look no further!

We offer a vibrant and eye-catching decor piece that will light up your outdoor space, helping you effortlessly spruce up your lawn, courtyard, or garden. It might just be the missing piece your landscaping needs!

Brighten up your space with the Everlasting Silk Flowers Floral Cross Solar LED Light.

Our unique faux floral cross adds a new twist to the traditional cross. Enjoy its exquisite flower arrangement during the day, and bask in its vibrant illumination at night! This garden lighting fixture is adorned with 40 solar-powered LED lights that intuitively activate at dusk.

Easy to install, simply push the garden stake’s pointed tip into the ground, switch the unit on, and it’s good to go. It is safe to use for just about any outdoor condition thanks to its premium weather-safe build. It also flaunts a lightweight 40-inch high and 12-inch wide form factor.

The center flower design on each cross is meticulously custom-made by a professional floral designer to ensure the utmost quality and beauty. You can use it to embellish your landscaping or a loved one’s gravesite. It also works as an exceptional home decoration for Easter and Christmas!

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose our ornamental cross:

✅ Ready to use out of the box
✅ Handcrafted just for you
✅ Available in various color combinations
✅ A thoughtful gift for friends and family

Let the cross light up the way. Add the Everlasting Silk Flowers Floral Cross Solar LED Light to your cart TODAY!

Everlasting Silk Flowers Floral Cross Solar LED Light - Outdoor

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